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Friday, June 10, 2016

"The Chicken Seeker" new game on G0dPvP's Creative Plot

Today I have made another mini game on my Creative Plot #614, on MGZ server. The Game is called "Chicken Seeker". Now you are thinking that you need to chase after chickens and catch them! No, lol you are wrong xD. This game is easy and fun to play. Here is a guide of how to play the game. You have to look for
chicken heads which are placed all over the plot in hidden places. There are 20 heads in total.
Chicken Seeker Rules
You need to take a screenshots or record a video of it as you are play the game and finding heads. Once you find all of them send your proof here on this website. Your name will then be added to the Special Leaderboard on G0dPvP's plot.
G0dPvP's Special LeaderBoard
Not only that, you will also be added to The Nigga team on About page of this website. So what are you waiting for? Play now and show it to the world.

Players that has completed the game already

  1. Aalec305
  2. BunnyPink
  3. GamingwithPyroZ
  4. crypt1cgamer
  5. PillowBlanket
  6. MonstercatFTW17
  7. Unicorn_girl_