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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Introducing "Thug Team"

Hello everyone, Today, I am thrilled to introduce our new in-game team called "Thug Team". In this team we try our best to gather all best friends and be united. There is nothing special about our team other than just unity among all best friends. We made this team to be represented and identified by a specific name. All of our Thug Team members belongs to this one of the
best servers out there called MGZ. We want to build a small community within MGZ server's community.  So, if you want to be a part of our team and if you want to be given an identity, you are more then welcome to join us. However, before you apply to be a member of a Thug Team, make sure you meet the requirements below.

  • You must be 14+ or older with a mature mind
  • You have to be born in the Hood
  • You have to be a friendly person
  • You have to have a Thug Logo on your back (Only if you have premium acc)
  • You must hang out with the rest of Thug Team members at least once a week
  • You must be a Subscriber of G0dPvP (only if you have YT channel)

To submit your application Click Here
(if your application doesn't meet the above format = instant reject)
Thug Team Members

i0uch iUni G0dPvP XxalikokoxX Aalec305 _TJ04_ Eddy_Pvp_ MonsterCatFTW17 Purpleturtle3 Conezien  iHenrytitan copycatXL Narain SkullReloaded