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Order Your Toy

Before ordering a Toy, make sure to check Paper Toys page, maybe the Toy you're ordering is already there on the list & ready to download.

Please enter valid details so that we can reach you back

--How to Craft Tutorial--

Do you want to make your own Minecraft Toy? whether it is a character or a mob now you can get and make a toy of your choice

How it works?
  1. Fill out the form above with valid details
  2. Submit your order
  3. You will recieve an email within 24hrs with your toy attached
  4. And...Boom! you're done xD

Whats Next?
Now its time to make and craft your own toy all by your self........"wait what?"
Yes... you heard it right, you will need to craft your toy your self......"But I don't know how to craft :/"
Umm... don't worry it is not a rocket science :P it is easy to craft and simple as ABC

Things you will need:
  • A Computer
  • Printer
  • Scissor
  • Paper Glue
Step 1: Download the Toy file from your email that you just received.
Step 2: Find & Print the file via printer (3-4 pages required).
Step 3: Once you print it out, grab the scissor and cut out the shapes shown on the paper.
Step 4: Fold and Glue the individual shapes.
Step 5: Glue all the pieces together (A to A, B to B, etc). That's it

Here is a sample of how your toy should look
"Click and drag to animate"