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"Laugh With Many, But Don't Trust Any"
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"Fans & Supporters" People Who Support & make videos about me will be added below to the Nigga Team

JMykel - Mah Niga masterA_A - G0dPvP's Nephew Winwu1818 - Mah Nigga Soul - G0dPvP's Brother AAlec305 - Has G0ds logo on his back
The_GERSH - Played/Recorded on G0dPvP's Creative Plot M1kemclain247 - Mah Nigga Xovria - Remaded G0dPvP's Logo XxJoshuaQwertyxX - Mah Nigga IlluminatiGamerr - Recorded Gameplay with G0dPvP
GirlyGamer67 - Mah Nigga LaysbarBQ - Mah Nigga Ayamee - Made Hand Drawn map for G0dPvP's Snow Maze & forged a G0d Armor Josemartinez - Mah Nigga Red132 - Mah Nigga
kangzheng - Mah Nigga erica9905 - Mah Nigga Lizoo123 - Mah Nigga Bluepancakes4u - Mah Nigga ImFriendly - Mah Nigga
Narain - Mah Nigga DanTDMFan22 - Mah Nigga Purpleturtle3 - Mah Nigga Maybelle - Mah Nigga AfiqGamingHD - Reviewed G0d's Plot on Creative
Diamondking35 - Mah Nigga SubScorpoin - Mah Nigga Andrei18 - Mah Nigga SC0RPZ123 - Mah Nigga Cr3x - Mah Nigga
ale2304 - Mah Nigga LorDaruise - Mah Nigga Heidiez - Mah Nigga Kryptos18 - Mah Nigga HBOHI - Mah Nigga
AndyIsCool - Mah Nigga KINGofDaNeTHER - Mah Nigga AmmarJr - Mah Nigga CrysisAverted - Mah Nigga Epic_Icey - Mah Nigga
CaptainDoctor07 - Mah Nigga BunnyPink - Completed Chicken Seeker on G0ds Plot crypt1cgamer - Completed Chicken Seeker on G0d's Plot unicorn_girl_ - has G0d logo on her back PillowBlanket - Played/Recorded on G0dPvP's Creative Plot
MonstercatFTW17 - Has G0ds logo on his back _TJ04_ - Helped G0d on un-accesable areas in Creative LittleFoxy - Mah Nigga JoshGamerMc - Mah Niga